Each project is special.

Through knowledge, creativity and understanding we strive to create innovative natural spaces.
GLAS has been the recipient of a number of awards across a variety of categories including:
∴ 2021 AILA Victoria Award, Urban Design, Mount Street Areas Masterplan.

Jury citation: “The Mount Street Pocket Parks’ design team and client are to be commended for their vision to create a new network of public open spaces that is socially engaging and environmentally progressive. Transforming underutilised spaces in an established neighbourhood is a triumphant display of prioritising healthy communities and responding to the needs of an ever-growing population in the inner suburbs.”

∴ 2020 AILA Victoria Award, Parks and Open Space. Valley Creek for Monash University.

Jury citation: “The re-surfacing of Valley Creek exemplifies how urban drains can be converted into engaging and attractive waterways. Underpinned by clear environmental drivers and robust engineering this deceptively simple outcome is polished and finely executed. It delivers wide-ranging ecological benefits and creates an appealing open space for students and residents.”

∴ 2020 AILA Victoria Award, Community Contribution. Tiny Wetland.

Jury citation: “Tiny Wetland is a micro-scaled exploratory project that ingeniously extends the creative practice of its associated landscape architects’ office into the public realm. The conversations sparked by this intervention contribute to increased awareness of ecological diversity. This tiny landscape, demonstrates how micro interventions can cumulatively add to the broader discourse on sustainability.”

∴ 2020 PIA Victoria Award, Best Planning Ideas – Small Project. Mount Street Areas Masterplan.

Jury Citation “A clever response to the pressure urban renewal places on the available open space.” “It is a great example of a small project that will have a huge impact for existing and future residents. A project that can easily be applied to other similar situations”

∴ 2018 AILA Victoria Award, Land Management. The System Garden Masterplan for the University of Melbourne
∴ 2018 AILA Victoria Award, Civic landscape. MADA West courtyard for Monash University
∴ 2017 AILA National Award, Parks and Open Space. Wootten Road Reserve for City of Wyndham
∴ 2017 AILA Victoria Award of Excellence, Parks and Open Space. Wootten Road Reserve for City of Wyndham
∴ 2004 GLAS Director Mark Gillingham during his time at Gustafson Porter in London, was the project lead for the World Architecture Award winning Beirut Shoreline Walk, Lebanon

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